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United testing

Update Time2018-03-28
United testing
  • Period:
  • 2016-11-22 - 2028-12-31
  • No.:
  • UNI2016112205EC-01
  • Certification bodies:
  • Shenzhen United Testing Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Organization Phone:
  • +86-755-86180996

The EUT described above is tested by United Testing Technology (Hong Kong) Limited EMC Laboratory to determine the maximum emissions from the EUT and ensure the EUT to be compliance with the immunity requirements of the EUT. United Testing Technology (Hong Kong) Limited EMC Laboratory is assumed full responsibility for the accuracy of the test results. Also, this report shows that the EUT technically complies with the 2014/30/EU directive and its amendment requirements.

Product : Power Amplifier

Trade Name:N/A

M/A : FP10000Q, FP6000Q, FP14000, FP9000, FP20000Q, D41200, DSP10000Q, DSP12000Q, DSP14000, DSP20000Q

Test Standard:  EN 55013:2013

EN 55020:2007+A11:2011+AC:2011