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Sinbosen wireless microphones use advanced technology. All microphones are equipped with UHF handheld microphones. It is not restricted by musical instruments or microphone cables, and it does not need to be close to the monitor speakers. It can roam the performance space freely, and it can be set up faster. Help minimize the mess of cables, microphone stands and floor monitors for crowded performers.

Sinbosen wireless microphone has a variety of frequencies. SKM9000 is our best-selling model. It is available in gold, black and pink.It can accept a distance of 100 meters. It supports European plug, American plug and Australian plug; if you want to use it in a football field, you can choose AXT220D, which can accept 400 Meter distance, and it is the only digital microphone in our shop; if you want to have a microphone with mute buttons, you can choose SLX24. We also have a new wireless condenser instrument microphone AXT100D, which has been popular with customers since its introduction. There are also a variety of conference microphones in the store, please consult our customer service for details.

Our wireless microphones can be used in chapels, lecture halls, theaters, dances and fitness rooms, which means they can be used in any place where the host, lecturer or performer seeks freedom of movement.
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