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Sinbosen FP series switching power amplifier adopts advanced TD amplifier to provide high-power and efficient working performance, suitable for various audio amplification applications, such as outdoor or indoor live vocals, professional audio systems for large stages, and DJ audio systems for various parties .

Our power amplifiers have developed different models according to different rated powers, which can accommodate any type of speaker configuration ! If your speakers are single15”/dual15”, then you are suitable for using FP10000Q 4 channel power amplifier ; if you want to configure your single18”/dual18” subwoofer with power amplifier, or even 21-inch subwoofer, then FP22000Q and FP14000 these models are suitable !

Sinbosen FP20000Q 4 channel live sound reinforcement bass amplifier is the core model of the FP series. It is the perfect design for large-scale events! If you need a high-power amplifier, then the FP24000 is definitely the leader in providing perfect sound quality .

Sinbosen is developing more new products, including enhanced versions and more powerful amplifiers, dedicated to meeting customer needs !
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