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Sinbosen DSP series is a professional 4-in 4-out digital processing module board. Their DSP chip comes from TI, 32-bit floating point, 96KHz sampling frequency, 24-bit A/D&D/A converter. Embedded ARM processor operating system, 4-inch touch screen, easier operation. Drive-free USB and RS485 can be connected to PC, while RS485 distance control is up to 1500 meters, supporting machine cascade. There are 8 segments of PEQ, X Over, Delay, limiter, gain, the polarity of each output channel, limit and adjust the output level to protect the output device.

If you want a cooling system with 12 fans to increase the heat dissipation speed, you can choose DSP20000Q; if you want to use it for a subwoofer, you can choose DSP22000Q;If you pursue cost-effective, you can choose DSP10000Q.

If you have other needs, you can contact us, we can provide customized services.

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