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What is a Supercardioid microphone?

What is a Supercardioid microphone?

Update Time:2019-12-27
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Super-cardioid microphone
Such directional microphones are becoming more and more popular in live performances, such as Beta 58a. On the stage, they can better record the voice of the lead singer and block the sound of surrounding bands. The disadvantage is that it will also record some of the sound behind the microphone. This means that you should not put your monitor in front of you (null points at 127° and 233° ), otherwise you will hear feedback. Supercardioid microphones are usually used in the studio when you need to isolate other sounds to the greatest extent.

This type of pointing is very similar to over-cardioid pointing and is often make misunderstanding.

Supercardioid directivity is stronger than cardioid directivity and has a sensitive back lobe.

Supercardioid microphones have a narrower directivity than cardioids, making them 
particularly suitable for close range sound pickup.
 It is particularly special for fixed-point recording of drum sets and pianos, and its directional characteristics are very suitable for live recordings that need to be isolated (sometimes it is to isolate the interference between instruments, sometimes it is to isolate noise). For self-singing performance recordings, the crosstalk of the super-directional microphone is minimal