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About Clients Using Sinbosen FP20000Q Power Amplifier Comment (1)

About Clients Using Sinbosen FP20000Q Power Amplifier Comment (1)

Apr 20,2018
Sinbosen Audio is a manufacturer specializing in professional audio equipment for 10 years. FP20000Q amplifier is developed by our factory engineer. 
FP20000Q 4 channel live sound bass power amplifier is the core model in the FP series, which is the perfect design for large-scale events.
FP20000Q specs: 2250 W x 4 ch @8ohms, 4000 W x 4 ch @4ohms
Here are collection reviews of some of our clients use FP20000Q amplifier. 
Translate: Hello Miki, I already received the FP, I am very happy with the team, in November I bought another fp20000q, tomorrow I give the acceptance of the recommended in Aliexpress, many thanks Miki for your valuable help, for having guided me always in this purchase, I will recommend as one of the best sales agents that your company has, from Ecuador half of the world with a lot of love your friend.I just had to say Thank you very much Alice for you unlimited support. You made your company get 100 percent more stars from me and trust. I will definitely come back to purchase more equipment from you as this was only the start of my mission. Alice you are the greatest. That FP20000Q amplifier is a beast of an amplifier for my 8 18 inch Eighteen Sound Speakers. It works better than expected. Thank you!! 

I thank the company, GUANGZHOU XINBAOSHENGAUDIO EQUIPMENT CO.LTD, for the intelligent amplifier FP20000q, which has excellent features. a low weight, good elements, that stands out in their presentations. I am grateful to the sales agent Miki Xinbaosheng who knew how to regulate me during all the time I spent the time and paid until delivery, I received the product in just 8 days without any mishap, soon I will continue buying other amplifiers to ensure my sound in Ecuador- half of the world, since they maintain an accessible price and the benefits that everyone wants, congratulations to all for your good product.

I have measured RMS power at the fp20000q amplifier 4 and 8 ohms the powers you specified are correct. Put this video on your YouTube page to see a lot of people or facebook.

Using the red panel FP20000Q at the wedding.  

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