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Welcome French client visit Sinbosen Audio

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Welcome French client visit Sinbosen Audio

Issue Time:2018-06-07
Welcome French client to visit Sinbosen Audio
Today one of our French clients Segal visit our factory. He likes our DSP power amplifier, which combines FP power amplifier with dsp processor, and can control on computer and amplifier touch screen. Also Segal prefer 1u digital power amplifier. He said, in French market, perople like lighter and portable products. 

Thanks for his suggestions, Sinbosen will develop more products which to be simple, lightweight and easy to operate. 

More interesting is that, Segal do audio sound business, also do the wine business. Today he bring two cans of red wine to us. It happens that our boss also likes red wine and they talk about wine pleasantly. 
Business is everywhere and we look forward to more cooperation. Also wish his wine business career is getting better and better.