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Let FP22000Q Shake Your Market, Your Sound System, Your World!

Let FP22000Q Shake Your Market, Your Sound System, Your World!

Issue Time:2019-11-30
To meet the needs of clients, Sinbosen are developing more new products, including strengthen versions and more powerful amplifier. such as FP12000Q and FP22000Q amplifier. Sinbosen FP series switching power amplifiers, featuring 8 different models, with power output from 625 to 15000 watts per channel. 
Sinbosen FP+ four channel amplifiers are ideally suited to the demanding requirements of modern sound reinforcement systems, with competitive price and THREE years warranty. 
From 2016, many clients asked for high power amplifier, which can work for 4 units dual 18 inch subwoofers. So we develop model FP20000Q amplifier.

2250 W x 4 ch @ 8 ohms
4000 W x 4 ch @ 4 ohms

It is equal to double FP14000 amplifiers, which is suit for 4 units dual 18 inch subwoofers.

Until now, FP20000Q is the most popular model in all Sinbosen FP series power amplifiers. Sinbosen (Aoyue) FP20000Q 4 channel live sound bass amplifier is the core model in the FP series , which is a perfect design for large scale events.
User's requirement is incessant. Some clients asked for superpower amplifier to run their more big subwoofer, such as dual 21 inch subwoofer. FP20000Q already can not meet their needs.

Sinbosen also do it. We spend long time to develop the NEW AMPLIFIER FP22000QThis is unparalleled power amplifier, which research and development by Sinbosen Audio.

2500 W x 4 ch @ 8 ohms
4650 W x 4 ch @ 4 ohms

More powerful than Model FP20000Q. Suitable for dual 21 inch subwoofer, not just dual 18 inch subwoofer.

We ensure FP22000Q will Rock your stage with great powerful sound!
What's The Difference Between FP20000Q And FP22000Q?
FP22000Q Inside
FP20000Q Inside
Plastic sealing transistor
Onsemi NJW21193/NJW21194
Gold seal transistor
Normal heatsink 94mm
New heatsink mould (different design)
IXTK82N25P (More power)
Original Siemens capacitors: 12 pcs 3300uf/200V + 8 pcs 1800uf/200V

Come on! Let it Shake Your Market, Your Sound System, Your World!