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Using QLXD4 wireless microphone at the stage

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Using QLXD4 wireless microphone at the stage
Issue Time:2018-08-17

Thanks for our Bermuda client feedback video. Using QLXD4 + QLXD2/SM-58 wireless microphone 🎤 at the stage. 

Let's feel the atmosphere at the scene, let's dance together!

With the clearly defined performance, the QLXD4 microphone delivers clean audio and provides professional features for demanding live sound events and installations.


 PLL Dual module locked loop design.      

 A key synchronization (sync) function, the transmitter channel with the receiver channel will digital lock automatic.    

 The transmitter has power adjust function, it can adjust the power, increase the receive distance, avoid sounds broken and noise disturbing.    

 The mic grill design of the transmitter can exchange, it is convenient to change a new one or maintain. 

 Lockable control function button of the transmitter, to prevent the use of misoperation.    

 Stable performance, easy installation, it can be used for several groups at the same time, do not interfere with each other. Suit for stage performance, KTV rooms, and other occasions.    

 The receiver with high-class monitoring display function, it can help you monitor the effect of sound input all the time.    

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