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The bigger the capacitor, the better?

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The bigger the capacitor, the better?
Issue Time:2019-04-24

The bigger the capacitor, the better?

The regular operation of the power amplifier must be inseparable from the capacitor, but for the capacity selection of the capacitor, it will have a certain impact on the sound effect of the power amplifier. For the sound industry, it should be understood that the performance of different capacity capacitors is different. And the current and voltage that can withstand are also different. Because of this, the choice of filter capacitor capacity for the amplifier is also critical.

In theory, the main benefits of high capacity capacitors are:

1. The large-capacity capacitor can make the voltage stable and can withstand the instantaneous output of a large current. The power amplifier circuit will not be distorted when it is instantaneously high dynamic output.

2. The larger the capacitance, the more the AC interference can be filtered out, so the sound quality is more stable. The signal output from the amplifier is less interfered, the sound quality is better and fidelity.

3. Moreover, since the voltage on the capacitor cannot be changed suddenly when the power amplifier outputs a large power instantaneously (for example, there is a large subwoofer), the power supply voltage is not pulled down in an instant.

Why don't you use a larger capacitor?

In theory, for the capacitance, the bigger the better, but in practical applications, our engineers should consider both the rationality and cost of the overall design of the amplifier when changing the capacitance. Because the larger capacitor will generate a larger initial charging current, if it exceeds the tolerance of the circuit components, it will damage the amplifier.

Sinbosen is the only one Switching Power Amplifier Manufacturer to use EPCOS (Siemens) capacitors in China

We always use high quality capacitors for our Amplifiers. Recently our engineer improved specification on the power supply board.

Before our caps is 3300uf 200V, now we increased 300uf to 3600uf 200V

It will make our making cost higher, but we didn't add more cost for our customers.

Because our Amplifier FP22000Q, FP20000Q, DSP20000Q, DSP22000Q  Power is more than 4000W per channel (Under 4ohms), the power supply stability is most important for the whole amplifier. 

We are more care about client's feeling. Hope your every show use our products more and more successful.

On the market, there are many different capacitors used on power amplifier.

Below black capacitor is cheaper than our Blue caps.

What's more, we also received some complaint from customers, some other supplier capacitor is fake capacity. 

And when a product has a problem, they have no answer to customers.

Anyway, price is based on the quality and service.

If you have any problem on FP amplifiers, welcome to contact Sinbosen. We will help you find solution.

If you have different suggestions, please leave a message to discuss with us.

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