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Sinbosen Holiday Notice of May International Labour Day

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Sinbosen Holiday Notice of May International Labour Day
Issue Time:2019-04-25
May International labour Day you are looking forward to is coming!

Sinbosen wishes everyone a good holiday and a happy time.

Sinbosen's May Day holiday is as follows:

Holidays from May 1st to 4th, 2019,
Total: 4 days 

Normally work on May 5, 2019

Your order delivery time will be delayed during the holidays. 

If you have a recent demand, please contact us soon. 

Thanks for your kind attention. 

Sinbosen Audio
The May International Labour Day is a day worth looking forward to for each of us, because there are days of vacation. 
As for the origin of Labor Day and the true meaning, I am afraid that not many of us will really care. 
So, what is the origin and true meaning of Labor Day?

This section originated from the strike of workers in Chicago, USA.
To commemorate this great workers' movement, it is announced that May 1 of each year will be designated as International Labor Day. This decision was immediately and positively responded to by workers from all over the world.

In December 1949, China set the first May 1st as the statutory Labor Day, and in 2019, the national holiday was 4 days.
On this day, the whole country celebrates, people put on the costumes of the festival, and gather in parks, theaters, plazas, etc., to participate in various celebrations or cultural and recreational activities, and to commend the workers who have made outstanding contributions.
2.Real meaning
Labor is great, and laborers are great. 
Without labor, we will not have enough food and clothing, and we will not live and work in peace. Without labor, we will not be able to spend the next month and not swim in the mountains. 
If there is no labor, what will happen to this world? 

Labor is an attitude, labor is glorious, and it is shameful to get something for nothing. Happy Labor Day!
Behind every achievement is the hard work of the members!
 Thanks to all of our clients and every member of Sinbosen!