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Sinbosen FP and DSP series amplifiers are indispensable for German client parties!

Sinbosen FP and DSP series amplifiers are indispensable for German client parties!

Issue Time:2019-06-29
High energy ahead, this is a news that you admire.

Every transaction is based on the trust of both parties.
A German client, we connected in May 2018.
Since May 2018, Sinbosen has traded with him every month. 
He buys our power amplifiers every month, including FP10000Q, FP14000, FP20000Q, DSP10000Q, etc.
Today, we are gradually becoming a trading partnership.
We are very happy that our amplifier can appear in his every party.
Our German client is a tuner.
So buying a good audio device has become his responsibility.
"Amplifiers work great"
This sentence is the biggest recognition of our amplifiers.
Every time I receive his feedback, my mood is more exciting than once.

He bought the FP10000Q amplifier this month for a Spargelfest in Weingarten Rheinland Pfalz.

He is connected to the V8 Line Array speaker and V Subwoofer: 1/2 Ch Subwoofer, 3/4 Ch V8 Module.
In view of our long-term trading partnership, we gave this German friend a free special service.
According to the concept of the German client, help him design advertising posters, print posters and create promotional pictures and videos for free. In addition, we also presented his Sinbosen exclusive T-shirt.
Undoubtedly, this service further enhances the feelings between us.
Why are Sinbosen FP and DSP series amplifiers in indispensable for German client parties?
The reason is simple:
1. The wonderful event starts with good equipment system.
2. Long-term quality service
8Ω Stereo Power(RMS)
1350W x 4
2400W x 2
2200W x 4
2500W x 4
4Ω Stereo Power(RMS)
2100W x 4
4400W x 2
4000W x 4
4650W x 4
8Ω Bridged Power(RMS)
4200W x 2
8800W x 2
8000W x 2
8800W x 2
8Ω Bridged Power(RMS)
    5000W x 2
14000W x 2
9000W x 2
14500W x 2
4 Channel Class TD Switching power amplifier.
Neutrik XLR*/speakon connectors.
Use Original Siemens high-quality capacitor
Use Original ONSEMI type PNP power output transistor.
High-quality fans from Taiwan.
The client is very satisfied, is the unlimited power of Sinbosen.

Thanks to German client for their good feedback and support.

If you want to know more about our amplifier, you can click on the link below to view.
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