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2019 Sinbosen Huizhou Midsummer Carnival Tour

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2019 Sinbosen Huizhou Midsummer Carnival Tour

Issue Time:2019-07-15
Every year, Sinbosen has the specific travel day.

Each of our members will put down the burden of the heart, carry a simple bag, hug the beautiful sun and the breeze, and go to see this beautiful world together.

July 2019 is no exception. From July 12th to July 13th, we went to the city of Huizhou to relax together.                              
On the morning of July 12, we set off for the rafting project in Nankun Mountain, Huizhou:

We are rushing down the gentle waters of time and time, and we are making wonderful moments in the fight against nature.
This is the rafting of Nankun Mountain, a sport of brave people.
During the rafting, we look forward to stimulating and thrilling, looking forward to fighting with nature and relaxing after the activity!
After experiencing the wonderful drifting, we continued to go to the villas that were booked in advance, and the summer party started right away!

Swimming and playing in the pool, we are like innocent and romantic children.

Singing songs in KTV let us relax, and many troubles and pressures have vanished.

After soaking up the hot springs, after steaming the sauna, I feel that my body and mind have been cured.

The big boss personally taught how to play billiards, let us have another skill.
Eating barbecue and meals is really another kind of happiness.
A true trip is not only a commemorative photo of staying here, but also to be integrated there, to experience the excitement outside of your life circle.
For the rest of 2019, all members of Sinbosen will continue to be optimistic and enterprising, and continue to work hard!

Finally, thank you to every client for their support and recognition!

Today we have already back to office.We will continue to make our best service to you.