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Mid-Autumn Festival | Wish Sinbosen members Enjoy family gathering time

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Mid-Autumn Festival | Wish Sinbosen members Enjoy family gathering time

Issue Time:2019-09-09
Mid-Autumn Festival 
Wish Sinbosen members Enjoy family gathering time

1.How Sinbosen members Spend for this holiday?

About one month ago, our colleagues already purchased tickets to back their hometown. (You don’t know how difficult to buy the ticket before the holiday in China)

On August, Sinbosen company already sent Moon cakes as a gift for every person. We can bring this gift to share with our family.
Sinbosen hopes everyone will Enjoy family gathering time. Anyway,we do hard-work when we face to our job, but don’t forget, all of our efforts, it is for our family and lover.

Sinbosen attaches importance to every Chinese traditional festival. Do you know how important about the Mid-Autumn Festival? Here let us share for you!
2.What is Mid-Autumn Festival?

Mid-autumn Festival is one of the top 4 traditional festivals in China. It is almost as important as the spring festival.

The Mid-Autumn Festival began in the early Tang Dynasty and has celebrated for 1300 years. In China history, the round shape always symbolizes perfection and reunion. On the Mid-Autumn Festival, the full moon is big and round, which is excited people’s feelings of miss hometown and families. Besides, the autumn is a harvest season. People also celebrate the harvest and express joy at this festival. 

3.How the Chinese Celebrate Mid-Autumn

Ⅰ.Eating Moon cakes

In the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes are essential, just like Thanksgiving can not be without turkey, Halloween can not be without pumpkin pie.

Ⅱ.Gazing the moon

On this day, people will look for a terrace with seasonal fruits on the table. Of course, moon cakes are also indispensable. In my hometown, we will also prepare tea. Sit with your family and friends, chat, and enjoy the moon
Ⅲ.Burning tower

In southern China, this custom has been preserved in a small number of places. People set up a brick tower in an open space ahead of time, and waited until the Mid-Autumn night to ignite it. People pray that the rice is full, the family is booming, and the relatives and friends are safe.
In addition to the above three major celebrations, there are some unique ways of celebrating in various parts of China, such as offering sacrifices, guessing riddles, drinking osmanthus wine, playing lanterns, etc.