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China 70th National Day is coming soon!

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China 70th National Day is coming soon!
Issue Time:2019-09-24

2019/10/01 is the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of The People's Republic of China. Our holiday is 9/30 – 10/04. During the holiday, the production will be postponed and the shipment will also be affected. 

If you need to use our products in early October, please place orders in advance. 
It is an essential memorial day of China, we will have large military parade, and Fireworks show and so on. I am looking forward for the TV live. Would you watch at that time? : )

In the 70 years, Our nation is getting better, and build in friendly relationships with many countries, So we have the opportunity to work with you from all over the world.  Sinbosen has been established for ten years, we would like to show our appreciated to our client, We hope to continue to cooperation you in the next decade.

Once again reminded about, if you have purchase plan please order advance.

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