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Which is better in active speakers and passive speakers?

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Which is better in active speakers and passive speakers?
Issue Time:2019-10-11

When you buy a speaker, you will always be troubled by the type of speaker. What is the "active speaker" and "passive speaker"? Today, I will come to a solution for everyone, so that everyone can adjust to own conditions and reduce unnecessary troubles and losses.

What is active speaker? What is advantage and disadvantage?
One of the main features of the active speaker is the built-in electronic crossover, DSP module and built-in power amplifier board. The "active speaker" usually marks the output power, input impedance and input signal level of the built-in amplifier, so all you have to do is connect it. Things are ready to go after plugging the power and audio cables.

At present, studio monitor speakers or engineering speakers or speakers used in dance halls are basically "active speakers".

1, with power amplification module, no need to connect the power amplifier, the whole system is simple and clear, easy to get started. Just connect to a computer, audio player, DAP, etc. and play it. You don't have to worry about the size of the power, impedance matching and other professional issues, plug and play.
2. In addition to the built-in amplifier, the "active speaker" also has an electronic crossover system and a decoding system, which can systematically restore the original appearance of the sound, with less distortion and stable sound base. It does not change the effects due to factors such as wires and power amplifiers.

3, the space is more flexible, due to the built-in amplification system and DSP module, you do not need to put equipment such as amplifiers and audio processor, making your space more concise.
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1. Since each speaker has a separate amplifier and electronic splitter, each speaker requires independent power.

2, you need to open the power switch of each speaker separately. some "active speakers" need to adjust the volume of each speaker, suitable for users who like to control the tuning. Be considerated when purchasing.
What is passive speaker? What is advantage and disadvantage ?
Passive speakers do not have any amplification circuitry inside, but there are crossover networks and impedance compensation circuits.
It can't be plug-and-play, it needs to have a post-amplifier or a combined amplifier to be used, and the whole system is much more complicated.

1, no need to supply power, only need to use the audio cable, need to connect the amplifier.

2, the flexibility of tuning is increased, because the need to connect the power amplifier, so the power amplifier and wire and other equipment have a greater impact, but this allows you to match different equipment from person to person, some people like this tone, some people like that tone, according to the amplifier and wire to determine the effect of tuning.
1, the system is relatively complex, not plug-and-play like "active speakers", and you need to have a more professional knowledge reserve to be able to match your own.

2, more space, the volume will be relatively large, not applicable in some scenarios, such as home.
How to choose?
Introducing the basic features, now return to our original question. "Active speakers" and "passive speakers", what is better?
1. Consider the application scenario. Is it home, indoor small and medium-sized activities, or is it a large outdoor event?

If it is a home or some small and medium-sized activities, both of "active speakers" and "passive speakers" are suitable. This depends on your personal preference. If you don't know the sound knowledge well, you can choose "active speaker". In addition to the audio cable, the "active speaker" need to give the power supply of multiple speakers, but don't need the power amplifier, processor and other equipment. Only the preamp amplifier or the mixer need to be used. Of course, it is no problem to directly connect the player output.
If you like to study these, "passive speakers" is suitable for you, you can choose the best combination of your style by matching different speakers, wires, and even the front and rear amplifiers. Of course, it may take more time and capital cost.
If it is a large outdoor event, no matter the requirements of environment or professional, the passive speaker is the best choice, but this requires you to have a professional engineer to help you control the equipment tuning, if you are a professional is even more perfect.

2. Consider personal preference. If you don't want to spend too much time and energy on building a sound system, then the active box in one step is definitely the best. If you are interested in audio equipment and like to try different styles of equipment, the passive box is yours preferred.

3. Consider the budget. Choose the most suitable product based on your needs and your existing budget.

The following four speakers are cost-effective, two active and passive, to meet your needs