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FP10000Q Power amplifier work perfect in Guatemala

FP10000Q Power amplifier work perfect in Guatemala

Issue Time:2019-11-25
What about Sinbosen's FP10000Q? Let's take a look at the feedback from Guatemalan customers!
6 sets of FP10000Q can work continuously for 15 hours!

During this time, due to a lot of activities and celebrations, our customers are very busy, and our amplifiers also work with the owner to work overtime! Are you also busy organizing various activities? At this point, the quality of the device is even more important, and you may need the audio equipment to work continuously for a long time without an accident. Sinbosen power amplifiers can meet your requirements!

Guatemalan customers told me on WhatsApp: "Hoy trabajo 15 horas con 6 amplificadores ... todo excelente" (Today I work 15 hours with 6 amplifiers ... all excellent)!
We are very delighted with the success of the client's event.

Why does Sinbosen's amplifier opportunity gain the trust of so many customers? Every moment we are thinking about how to make the products best and bring the best service and experience to our customers. 
some changes are not easy to find, such as our internal capacitor capacity upgrade. Some changes are easier to detect. For example, we have extended the radiator of the power amplifier, and the temperature of the power amplifier is greatly reduced during operation.

The Sinbosen FP10000Q was upgraded last year and it has become more powerful and stable!
1. Longer radiator ➕ 30mm, now 94mm!
2. Use the original "Siemens" capacitor.
-12 3300uf / 200V (2 more than the old version)
-4 1800uf / 200V

Click on FP10000Q for more information! In your next activity, let Sinbosen FP10000Q stay with you!