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Shock coming: Line Speaker Power Distributor

Shock coming: Line Speaker Power Distributor

Issue Time:2020-07-29
Do you have this bad experience before?

Using tens of thousands of line array speakers, such as cluttered and disorderly wiring. 

Look, here is our client feedback photo. 
They are like spaghetti, don't they? 

They will make us headache and upset. 
Now! Sinbosen help you solve it.  
New arrival: Line Speaker Power Distributor
It can support multiple full-frequency signals output/input, one group of ultra-low frequency signal output/input.
Maybe some clients will ask, what's this electric box? What's the benefit of using this? How to connect it?

Now, let's learn about it together.
Each passage is equipped with an independent air switch. In the case of a short circuit or over current, the air switch is automatically cut off to protect the audio equipment from damage.
Power input through 32A waterproof large Europe plug (base)
Controlled output can withstand up to 5000W single channel and 10000W reactive power.
Three sets of 16A waterproof European sockets output.
Three sets of 16A waterproof universal sockets output.

*The sockets and plugs can be customized according to your country.

Connection diagram
The examples are for reference only. The specific operation can be -adjusted according to the site.
The benefit of this is to have all power, signal, and speakers output centralized in one unit. 

It saves setup time and has electrical monitoring and safety.
Easy control in many occasions