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Why choose SKM9000 Wireless microphone?

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Why choose SKM9000 Wireless microphone?

Issue Time:2020-03-11
If you follow us for a while, you should notice that since the launch of Newcastle Microphone products, SKM9000 has been the best-selling wireless microphone model with the best feedback rate.

Why does the SKM9000 wireless microphone system last for so long and keep attracting new customers to buy, and old customers to buy back?
1, Rich Features.

Although SKM9000 is not a new product, the reputation of SKM9000 has not declined in the past two years, and no customer feedback has made SKM9000 obsolete. The big reason is that SKM9000's comprehensive functions make it easily meet the needs of the stage. For example, PLL frequency locking, automatic frequency selection, etc., greatly improve the convenience of customers and avoid mistakes.

2, Stable Quality

The quality of SKM9000 is as good as ever. The microphone uses cardioid, dynamic capsule, which is very suitable for vocal interpretation.
Many customers have feedback with us. The sound quality of the SKM9000 is very good. Within a 100m range of use, frequency blind spots rarely occur.

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3, Increasing Frequency Bands and Collocations

At first, the SKM9000 only had a 700MHz band. Later, customers continued to propose new multi-band options to us to meet the needs of different regions. After this information was fed back to our engineers, our existing frequency bands are 513-558mhz, 615-655mhz, 780-820mhz.
In addition to the most popular handheld microphones, the SKM9000 can also choose a bodypack transmitter. Available microphone types include lavalier microphones, headset microphones, and clip microphones for musical instruments. Rich matching schemes to meet the different needs of customers on the stage.

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