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How to use more amplifiers at the same time? (Same audio source)

How to use more amplifiers at the same time? (Same audio source)

Issue Time:2020-05-18
How to use more amplifiers at the same time? (Same audio source)
We know that in large-scale performances, one amplifier is far from enough. For good live music effects, we need to use a lot of speakers, and naturally we need to use a lot of amplifiers.
In order to synchronize the sound, we definitely use the same audio source is the best. But how do you make the sound from all speakers come from the same audio source? The key lies in the power amplifier. We need to input the audio signal from the first power amplifier to the second power amplifier, and the second input to the third power amplifier. In turn, we can cover a sufficient amount.
Understand these, then we will focus on how to do it next.
Step 1: 
Connect the INPUT CHA and CHC of the first amplifier to the audio source signal (mixer / processor / DVD, etc.)
Step 2: 
Find the Bridged Mode of the gain panel on the rear panel, and then turn on the corresponding 4, 5 switches of all amplifiers (the dial is up)
Step 3:
Connect LINK OUT CHA and CHC of the previous amplifier to INPUT CHA and CHC of the next amplifier, and connect them in sequence.
Step 4: 
Make sure the wiring mode of the speakon connector connecting the amplifier and the speaker is 1 + 1-.
If you have read another article about bridging【what's a bridgeable amplifier and how to use it?】, you may wonder why the steps are almost the same?

The difference is in the step 4, the bridge Mode is required speakon to be 1 + 2-, the output channel can only be connected to CHA and CHC, and LINK OUT is invalid in bridge mode.

Only when your speakon is 1 + 1-, LINK OUT can pass the audio signal to the next power amplifier, and all output channels are valid.

These are the tips for using the power amplifier to share with you today. With this setting, we can synchronize the speaker input sources of the entire venue.

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The sample in this article is our FP series power amplifier , click the follow IMG to view more↓