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FP14000 feedback and suggestions for audio equipment maintenance

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FP14000 feedback and suggestions for audio equipment maintenance

Issue Time:2020-05-25
FP14000 feedback and suggestions for audio equipment maintenance
FP14000 feedback and suggestions for audio equipment maintenance

Hello everyone, how are you doing recently? Wish all the best.
Today I share with you a feedback from a Mexican customer. He took his FP14000 amplifier, speakers, mixer and other equipment to the yard for an audio test. He is very satisfied with FP14000. Below is the feedback record and a video provided by the customer.
Spanish to English

Esta es la prueba de audio que se realizó el dia de hoy, esta tremendo, lo trabaje al 70%,y sin problemas

Asi es 4 sub tipo martin de 18", con bocina Rcf de 1100 wts, las mueve super, tuve que bajarle a la consola en el tono bajo porque estaba muy tremendo

Translate to English:
This is the audio test that was carried out today, it is tremendous, I worked at 70%, and without problems

This is 4 sub 18 "martin type, with 1100 watt Rcf horn, it moves them super, I had to lower the console in the low tone because it was very tremendous

Seeing the sun shining on the equipment in the video reminded me of a very important thing.

Because many jobs are suspended, everyone has more time to spend with their families, and because many performance parties have been cancelled, the audio equipment has also been resting for a long time. But long breaks are not a good thing for audio equipment. Everyone knows that when you regularly use non-expendable devices, their service life will be longer than when they are not used for a long time.

what is the reason? Everyone knows that there will be moisture in the air, especially in some humid areas (for example, Guangzhou where SINBOSEN is located is a humid city in southern China). If it is not used for a long time, the moisture in the air will slowly penetrate into the machine, which will cause corrosion Circuit. The next time you use it, you may find that the machine has various malfunctions. If there are some small insects in the storage room, sometimes they will also enter the device, which will also cause damage to the device.

Therefore, the correct protection method is that even if we do not use these devices now, we can find a sunny day and let them work for an hour or two. The heat generated by the equipment will evaporate water vapor or drive away the insects. If you live with family / friends, you can also enjoy a good music time together.