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The Latest upgrade of subwoofer power amplifier FP20000Q, FP22000Q, FP24000

The Latest upgrade of subwoofer power amplifier FP20000Q, FP22000Q, FP24000

July 29,2020
Today I would like to share a good news with you! A new generation of power amplifiers is coming soon. The direction of this update is to increase the capacity of the capacitor. The models covered are FP20000Q, FP22000, and fp24000.
Our testing machine has passed the test, and we will wait for the customized accessories to be ready for mass production.
The internal diagram of the test machine looks like this:

Some friends wil ask: Isn’t it just adding  4 capacitors? 
No, it's not just capacitors, adding capacitors is to enhance the bass effect of the power amplifier. Anyone who knows Sinbosen's amplifiers will know that the three models FP20000Q, FP22000, and fp24000 are dedicated to subwoofers, and the electric capacity directly affects whether the bass effect is shocking. The improvement direction of the previous generation FP20000Q is heat dissipation. We have added eight small fans to the heat dissipation holes on the rear panel to help the heat escape from the inside of the amplifier, thereby greatly reducing the internal temperature of the amplifier. Because the temperature is too high will not only affect the service life of the power amplifier, but also affect the stability, thereby affecting the bass effect. It can be seen that although the direction of each improvement seems to be different, there is only one purpose, which is to make the subwoofer amplifier more powerful and the bass stronger.

The last time Sinbosen prioritized the limited offer for old customers to upgrade the 3600uf capacitor to 3900uf for free, but because of the limited inventory, many customers missed it because they placed an order too late, and they often asked when they could upgrade the capacitance .
The customer’s demand is our pursuit. After more than half a year of design testing, our engineer finally got the perfect solution he wanted. With minimal changes to the power board, four 2200uf capacitors were added, totaling 8800uf capacitance. .

And, in order to thank everyone for your long-term support, during the new product period, the cost is the same as before, that is, free upgrade. Don't miss this offer~