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A collection of recently received amplifier feedback

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A collection of recently received amplifier feedback

Issue Time:2020-10-23
A collection of recently received amplifier feedback
The audio industry is slowly recovering. Although it is still difficult, we see hope.
Recently, I have received feedback from customers. Although most countries do not allow large-scale activities, many customers are already preparing for the upcoming "lifting of the ban". Some customers are holding performance in restaurants and bars where permitted by law. 
Martinique FP10000Q
C:Already received the amplifier
I:  Everything is fine?
C:I haven't tested yet, I will do it tonight

C:Hello C est good I amp works well thank you
I:Yes. I'm glad to hear that.
Hope we can do more business in the future.
C:Yes i'm already thinking about it

Our customer bought the FP10000Q power amplifier and was satisfied with it. He said he would consider buying more.
Mexico FP10000Q
Our mexican customer share the video of the amplifier working and think higly with th e FP10000Q , "Working perfectly with live music."
German FP10000Q
The customer is very satisfied with the quality of the FP10000Q amplifier. After putting the amplifier in his system for testing, he sent a message: Hello, just got back from vacation, I installed the new power amplifiers in my system, then test run. Help, I'm really excited. The output stages bring a dynamic, simply amazing. I thought the hat occurs to me. I've never experienced anything powerful like this. You are the best. Many thanks for the great technology and the problem-free handling (You can see it in the video below.)
"Sound great , all are very good . " This is the feedback of D23000 power amplifier from American customer.
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