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Sinbosen Class D digital power amplifier is developed by our engineers with ten years of experience. It is a perfect design for home theaters, movie theaters, restaurants and museums. You will find that the Class D amplifier is light in weight and is a mini 1U size. D4-2500 and D4-2000 are 4 channel digital power amplifiers, which can work stably below 2Ω. If you want 2 channel digital power amplifiers, you can choose D2-3500 and D2-3000. They are the best-selling items in our shop.

K series digital power amplifiers are popular with users at home and abroad because of their environmental protection, energy saving, small size, and utilization rate of more than 97%. If you want to use it in home theaters or small parties, you can choose K4-450K4-1400 It is also liked by customers, you can consult our customer service for details.
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