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Next Monday Trump administration will impose tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods.

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Next Monday Trump administration will impose tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods.
Issue Time:2018-09-18

Below is the official statement from The White House 

(Picture From CNN news.)

President Donald Trump is sharply escalating the American trade war with China.

The United States will impose a 10% tariff later this month on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods, increasing to 25% at the end of the year, the Trump administration announced Monday.

The additional tariffs are on top of penalties enacted earlier this year on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods. Taken together, it means roughly half of the products that China sells to the United States each year will be hit by American tariffs.

When received this news, Sinbosen Audio are worried about our America Clients’ business. Because North America and South America are our main market. Some of North America clients live and work in the USA. So our 30% Amplifiers, microphones, and audio products were sent to the USA.

Fortunately, we checked our products' HS code on the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (2018 HTSA Revision 11), website: https://hts.usitc.gov/  our professional amplifiers, Pro microphones, and loudspeakers are didn’t be contained in the unfortunate 50% Chinese goods.

Professional Power Amplifier

Professional Microphone

Professional Loudspeaker

We have breathed a sigh of relief for this lucky news! We are happy our clients and friends Audio system business didn't be affected.

But Sinbosen Audio will not treat our service lightly. We know this international environment is not easy for our customers and us. We have to develop more new products with technology improvement. We will have new Power amplifiers in the short time. Also, we make our service more considerate on our communication.

If you importing other products from China, you can check on this website: https://hts.usitc.gov/ By HS code or product name to confirm whether has increased the tariff.

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