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Do you know how to set BRIDGE Mode on FP Amplifier?

Do you know how to set BRIDGE Mode on FP Amplifier?

Issue Time:2019-02-28
What is bridging?                                                                                                                  

Bridging is a connection method for professional audio amplifiers - Bridge Mode.

Briefly, the bridge of the amplifier is to connect the two outputs to a set of loads (speaker or speaker system) at the same time. Increase the output voltage of the amplifier (won’t distorted audio) to increase power.  Let's learn this Magical Operation together!

 Why need to "bridge"it ?

1. Early power amplifier products, due to the limitation of component parameters, single channel can not achieve high power output, and the bridge mode can meet the demand for high power output;



2, Power amplifier single channel power is not enough to promote high-power size speakers (such as dual 18-inch ultra-low speakers), you need to use the bridge mode to meet the high power requirements of the speaker;


3, In order to save costs, the greater the power of the single channel, the more expensive the amplifier. Use bridge mode to meet high power output while reducing costs;


4, Live performances too large, large number of speakers and high power demand, when the environment is special, will promote the use of multi-bridge mode high-power speakers.

Will bridging cause damage to the sound System?

1, We must understand that the bridge is used when the power of the amplifier is not enough to load the sound. Usually, this connection is not stable, so it is not recommended!


2, The power amplifier bridge is often used for high-power subwoofers. In theory, it has an impact on the sound quality, but the human ear can't hear it.

Use a bridged amplifier to push the full frequency, and the sound from the speakers will make you feel refreshed. However, it is quite common to burn speakers or amplifiers in the disco. The first reason is that the power configuration is not good, or the pressure limit is not adjusted, and the DJ mixer level is over. The mixer's input level is the highest, and the output level is less than -10dB, which will burn.
3, The choice of bridge power amplifier to push the power speaker is not the best option , it is last plan.

In theory, the power is doubled, but the user has neglected a very important problem: in theory, the power amplifier bridge refers to the fact that the technical parameters of the two channels are completely equal, but it is practically impossible, even The world's top power amplifiers are also difficult to achieve.

Therefore, when bridging, the power mismatch causes the speaker to burn (or the amplifier burns), and the first is still the crossover distortion and the imbalance of the parameters of the two channels.


How to set Bridge Mode?                                                                                                                   

Step One
As circled on the picture, lift the 4, 5 small switches on the back of the amplifier.

Step Two:
According to the picture, connect the speaker cable to XLR 1+, 2-.

Step Three: 

Connect the speaker cable to the channel of the power amplifier circled in the picture, input to the A and C channels, and output to the A+B, C+D channel.
“Bridging is like the legs and hands of two people being tied together. If you can't keep the two people's movements consistent, they will make mistakes when they move.”

                                           We hope this article will help you.