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How to wear a headset to show the best sound?

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How to wear a headset to show the best sound?

Issue Time:2019-03-14

How to wear a headset microphone to show the best sound?

The sound of the microphone in the studio is different from that of the live sound:

Many users find that the talking sound of lavalier microphone (Lavalier Mic) is ideal on TV shows. Therefore, they also use microphone for the live sound amplification.But usually the results were not as satisfactory as expected.

This is not a quality matter of the lavalier microphone, but the microphone is too far from the mouth.

In the live sound, the microphone and the speaker of the sound system will produce a physical phenomenon of feedback tone. In this case, The volume cannot be raised arbitrarily, so the sound amplification effect is not good.

What can we do to make it better?

Pull the microphone closer to the mouth to improve the microphone's amplified sound.

Since the lavalier microphone is worn on the chest and farther away from the mouth, the volume of the output is greatly reduced. If the volume of the amplifier is turned up, it is easy to generate a whirring sound, which is a common problem for the general microphone users.

If you want to increase the volume of the microphone without feedback tone, the only way is to placing the microphone close to the mouth [based on the principle that the volume of the microphone is inversely proportional to the square of the distance of the source].
Use a headworn microphone to improve the volume of live sound:

But the question is how to fix the microphone near the mouth? There are many designs on the market, and the design of the "headworn microphone" is one of the solutions.

The main purpose of the headworn mic is to provide live sound amplification. Hanging headset on your head and adjust the microphone to the position closest to your mouth, so that the microphone can get the highest sensitivity and output the maximum volume, and reduce the feedback.

How can I show the best sound?

Adjust the position of the microphone and adjust the sound head to the position near the left and right sides of the mouth to reduce the noise and obtain the desired volume and normal sound quality.

The headphone used in the headset is: omnidirectional and unidirectional (Cardioid).


In general, the range of sound pickup using omnidirectional microphones is wider than other ranges. The sound quality of the pickup is clear and full, and it is mostly used in professional recording studios, studios, etc., which not only can restore the pure human voice perfectly, but also show excellent dynamic effects.

For this type of headset, you need to adjust  the microphone to the left or right sides of the mouth, the distance from the corner of the mouth is about one finger, and perpendicular to the direction of the corner of the mouth, it can obviously avoid gas noise and achieve the clearest sound effect.


Cardioid microphone is more suitable for live performances, lectures and other public gathering places use, sound quality is remarkable, to restore the delicate clear vocals; at the same time closer to the mouth of the pickup unit design, narrower radio range, better control of ambient noise.

After the actual test, "Let the microphone and the corner of the mouth maintain about one finger's distance and keep the horizontal direction of about 45 degrees" is the most ideal hanging position, which can avoid the destruction of the air explosion sound, and can show the best sensitivity and sound quality. 

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