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Mom , thank you and I love you!

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Mom , thank you and I love you!

Issue Time:2019-05-11
This Sunday (12th, May) is China's Mother's Day. Sinbosen would like to express our best wishes to all the mothers in the world by this article. 
Especially,Sinbosen thanks for all of our staffs’ mother. They nurture optimistic and responsible sons and daughters. We wish them health and longevity, happy and happy.
Do you know Filial Piety Culture in China?

Make some sense of ceremony for our mother
In a certain sense, all the festival is in order to remind us not to forget to express our love to those we love. Our love has never been interrupted, but the festival has given us a grand ceremony. Chinese people are more restrained and reserved, and festivals are the best stage for us to express feelings.
Filial piety is the virtue of the Chinese nation

Filial piety is the virtue of the Chinese nation since ancient times. In ancient China to modern times, there were many poems expressing gratitude to mothers. Regardless of the author, the central idea is to express inner gratitude and love with the mother.

Chinese stoty-Three Moves by Mencius' Mother
In the ancient Chinese story "Three Moves by Mencius' Mother": After Mencius lost his father at the age of three, Mencius's mother took full responsibility for teaching Mencius. In order to let Mencius be educated in a good environment, she moved many times. In modern times, there are also many parents who work hard to make their children learn and live in a good environment.
Some Simple things we can do for our mothers

When we grown up,we spend much time to struggle our career. But sometime we feel difficult to spend little time to accompany our family.

In China has one proverb,The trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside, children would like to support but parents can't wait. 
We can some Simple things for our mothers in daily life,not just for the mother’s day only.
1. Help your parent to learn new things. The world is quickly developing and our parents sometimes cannot keep up and understand the difference. We could help them to learn (like when we are young , our parent teach us walking ,speaking)

2.Call them when you are free. The accompany is the best gift . If you cannot stay with them , Keep in touch with them and share your life to them.

3.If your mother is a music lover, then you can prepare a set of audio equipment for her, so that she can sing at home and enjoy the music at any time, it is cool, isn't it?

Sinbosen wishes every mother a happy Mother's Day.Just try our best to be a better person.We believe our mother will be proud of us.