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What is a coaxial speaker? What is the difference between coaxial speakers and other speakers?

What is a coaxial speaker? What is the difference between coaxial speakers and other speakers?

Issue Time:2019-12-19
Common speakers, tweeters and woofers are arranged row on the speaker panel, so their sound centers cannot overlap into a single point. In this way, the distance between the treble and bass reaching the listener is different. The phase deviation affects the correct reproduction of the sound image.
The coaxial speaker uses a coaxial unit. This unit is actually a combination of a tweeter and a woofer. The treble is skillfully placed at the center of the bass diaphragm, so the acoustic center of the high and low bass can be guaranteed to be the same point. The so-called coaxial speaker is a coaxial speaker unit to replace the general 2-way speaker. The coaxial speaker unit uses the technology of placing the tweeter driver component and the bass driver component on the same axis.
Features and benefits of coaxial speakers
We know that it is difficult to meet the sound reproduction of the entire audio range at the same time with ordinary speakers, so there is a high-frequency speaker unit (or tweeter) suitable for high-frequency signal restoration, and a woofer unit suitable for low-frequency signal restoration. Some also have MF speaker units. These speaker units in different frequency bands each perform their responsibilities. When combined in one cabinet, the sound of the entire audio range can be better restored. This is the currently widely used 2 way/3-way speakers.

The above frequency division structure only reduces the frequency distortion of the speaker, that is, the sound signal of the entire audio range can be better restored. However, the size of the two or three speaker units and the position of the driving components are different. They are arranged on the front baffle of the speaker in an up-down or left-right manner. If we analyze it carefully, we will find that the tweeter or woofer sounds like a different sound source, and because the front and rear positions of the speakers are not on the same plane (for the listener), but there are differences between the front and back, we can imagine this There is a difference between the sounds emitted by the two units when they reach the ear. It possibly will damage the human ear's positioning of the sound source. In worse cases, it may produce high and low sound waves to interfere with each other, and it is difficult to improve the sound quality.

Coaxial speakers are installed on the same axis. Two speakers are responsible for reproducing treble and midrange bass, and the two speakers must also coincide on the diaphragm surface. Because their physical positioning is close to the point source, the sound field positioning of play music is ideal.

Coaxial loudspeaker products are the best series of loudspeaker products. Their performance parameters are far superior to ordinary loudspeakers. The outstanding feature is that the phase fidelity of the sound in the full range of high, medium and low sound is extremely high. The sense of sound position and the movement of sound position are clear and accurate (both the sound image movement and the sound image positioning are accurate because the phase parameter determines the sound position), and the respective positions of the sounds emitted by many instruments in music are not easy to be confused, so the music Clear (good music interpretation)

Sound characteristics: Compared with other speakers, the positioning of coaxial speakers is more accurate, and the sound is more delicate, suitable for listening to vocals and violin, etc.
A. The sound that is radiated in performance has a high degree of phase fidelity and can achieve standard point sound source playback (sounds in nature are expressed as point sound sources).
B. In the sense of hearing, the music reproduced by the coaxial speaker has accurate sound image localization, high music analysis, and great sound field performance. The bass is realistic and cohesive, with high energy density, and can be easily retracted and released; the midrange vocals are full and sweet; the treble is crystal clear, delicate and penetrating.

Features: common point coaxial
Coaxial: All frequency signals from 20Hz to 20K Hz are transmitted to the listener's ear on the same axis;
Common point: All frequency signals from 20Hz to 20K Hz propagate outward at the same sounding point;
Advantages: a little vocalization, simultaneous transmission, and accurate positioning
Advantage: No phase deviation

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