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Guatemalan:SKM 9000 wireless microphone system in a banquet

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Guatemalan:SKM 9000 wireless microphone system in a banquet

Issue Time:2019-12-19
Our Guatemalan customer purchased the SKM9000 wireless microphone system for a banquet he hosted.
“SKM9000 is very excellent microphone!” Guatemala Said. (Si muy bueno excelente microfono)

He told us very happily that the banquet was a success and the guests and hosts were happy. Many guests said that today's singing is very beautiful.
After singing with the SKM9000, the singer also told him that the new microphone is very good. The distortion is small and this microphone is very suitable for vocal singing.

He chose a golden handheld microphone. Very dazzling on the stage. There are also low-key black and romantic purple options.

In addition to being used for handheld microphones, if the singer needs to dance or perform some actions while singing, a headset microphone can be used.
If it is used in the studio (like interviews, live broadcasts), you can choose a lavalier microphone, strong clip, easy to wear and not easy to fall.
No matter what it is used for, SKM9000 is very suitable.

Whether on stage performance or family karaoke, SKM9000 has received a lot of praise and is widely loved by customers.

In order to allow more customers to use SKM9000 microphones, our company has developed more frequency bands.
Some frequency bands are: 513-558MHz, 615-655MHz, 780-820MHz.
Please let us know if these frequencies are not available in your country, Sinobsen will try to develop multiple frequency bands so that more customers can use SKM9000. If you don't know what frequency to use in your area, then it doesn't matter. Contact us. Our SKM9000 is sold all over the world and we will help you find the most suitable frequency for you.