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Customer feedback of high power amplifier

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Customer feedback of high power amplifier

Issue Time:2020-02-15
long time no see!
During the holidays we received two great feedback videos and can't wait to share them with you.
The first was from an Indian customer who had just spent a passionate night. With music and dazzling lights, people danced happily on the dance floor. The customer used a mobile stage truck, and our FP14000 amplifier was placed on the truck, and help the engineer lit the atmosphere for the scene.

It’s excellent! Very powerful. I love it. My client said to me.
FP14000 is a professional power amplifier for the subwoofer. It is very suitable for such a big live show, nightclub and anywhere you want to make it passionate

The second feedback is actually a test video of FP22000Q. In the video, we can see that many speakers are stacked together to form a wall."1piece fp22000q loaded wit 8pcs de15" 1800 watts speakers. "When I asked for more details, what did the customer say. Why can the FP22000Q be equipped with so many high-power speakers? FP22000Q is our star product, famous for its high power, with 2500 watts per channel in the 8-ohm state, There are 4650 watts per channel in ohms, with a total of four input and four output channels.
After being satisfied with the FP22000Q, the customer purchased the FP8000Q. We sent the customer a t-shirt. After receiving it, the customer tells us that he especially liked this gift. We are very happy to hear that.