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Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

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Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

Issue Time:2020-02-20
Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

How are you doing recently? 
Sinbosen audio has basically resumed production and delivery. We have also received orders and some positive feedback. Spring is coming, and everything is moving in a positive direction.
One of our clients in Trinidad and Tobago shares with us his preparations for the upcoming Carnival. He used four FP10000Q and four FP14000 amplifiers to drive his line array speakers and subwoofer. 
FP14000 FP10000Q

FP10000Q and FP14000 were usually used together. 
FP10000Q power amplifier is 1350w/2100w @8/4 ohms. It is very suitable for 10-15 inch speaker.

FP14000 amplifier is 2400w/4400w @ 8/4 ohms. It is powerful enough for the 18 /21 inch subwoofer.

All of them have bridge mode which could get higher power .
Anyone who has seen the carnival in Trinidad and Tobago will be infected by their passion and will be surprised by the colors, music, joy and creativity embodied in the carnival.
Our customers are also looking forward to the arrival of this carnival. Since December 2019, we have been purchasing audio equipment that will be used in the carnival with us, and I am very willing to share the exciting moments at the event with us. Thanks a lot for his support and positive feedback.

At the Christmas ball in 2019, customers used our SKM9000 wireless microphone system and FP10000Q power amplifier, which also expressed great affirmation of our products. 
“The SKM9000 was the star of the show.” “Trinidad happy with the mic”Our client said.

FP10000Q and SKM9000 are also often used together.
The FP10000Q power amplifier is 1350w / 2100w at 8/4 ohms. Ideal for 10-15 inch speakers.

The SKM9000 wireless microphone system has two transmitters, and the signal receiving distance reaches 100 meters. It can automatically scan and synchronize the frequency. There are many options for the color and type of the transmitter. There are also multiple frequency band options.