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Concentration is the essence --- 5 inch line array AO-5..4

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Concentration is the essence --- 5 inch line array AO-5..4

Issue Time:2020-02-27
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Many customers prefer larger line arrays, some are due to larger venues, and some simply think that the sound quality of small line arrays is not as good as that of large line arrays. So what is the fact? Let's speak with facts.

Today we received feedback from a German customer. For some reason, the customer could not reach the salesman he contacted before, so he sent the feedback to another colleague. Thank you very much for this customer who took the time to find us and gave us feedback. Below is a screenshot when the customer found us on wechat and a video of the AO-5.4 work taken by the customer.
AO-5.4 has excellent coverage control, and the sound field is evenly distributed within the coverage area of ​​the speaker. Once it exceeds the coverage area, it will be processed intelligently. AO-5.4 plus AO-12B, the effect produces a very dynamic impact, maintaining the original sound source reduction, so you can not describe the scene. In many occasions, you can feel the rhythm of low frequency with ultra low, which is shocking.

AO-12B can be equipped with active power amplifier board, 1pcs AO-12B can easily carry 2-4 pcs AO-5.4, the addition of active power amplifier board can eliminate the use of power amplifier, which is also convenient for installation and connection, for individual users Or the organizers of small and medium-sized events are more friendly.
AO-5.4 + AO-12B is a sound system suitable for small to medium-sized performances, party, or weddings.
◆ Newest Exclusive mini line array sound system Dual 5inch coaxial speaker for meeting room 
◆ Components:2×5"Low frequency +2*20"high frequency
◆Frequency response: 100Hz to 20KHz (±1dB)
◆ Impedance: 8 Ohm
◆ Hanging angle: 5°
◆ Rated power: 120W/8Ω
◆ Distortion: <0.05%
◆ Rated peak SPL: 94db
◆ Color: Black/White                                    
◆ Other: 15mm Birch,Environmental Harden Black Paint, the steel mesh use a low carbon content of 1.2mm
◆ Packing: Import Kraft paper carton packing, with form and Desiccant 
◆ Net size: W375mm*H180mm*D216mm
◆ Net weight: 5.2Kg 
◆12 inch Unit combination: 1 x 12" Low
◆ Frequency response: 35Hz to 350Hz      (±1dB)
◆ Impedance: 6 Ohm
◆ Hanging angle: 5°
◆ Rated power: 400W/6Ω
◆ Distortion: <0.05%
◆Rated sound pressure level: 94db