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Awesome bass sound from FP20000Q power amplifier

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Awesome bass sound from FP20000Q power amplifier

Issue Time:2020-04-22
Awesome bass sound from FP20000Q power amplifier
How is everyone doing this time? hope everything is fine.

Sinbosen often receives customer feedback on products. During this time, there is just a lot of time to sort out the feedback from customers in the past. Seeing everyone ’s previous support for us gave us a lot of motivation to persevere, and hope that all of us will work through this difficult time together.

Today I am sharing with you feedback from 2019, customers from Ecuador.

During that time, we just launched a new silver-white panel. The customer said that he liked it, and he bought an FP20000Q amplifier with a new panel.

This customer is the person in charge of the special stage performance, you can see from the video that he has a lot of speakers.

The client first auditioned in his own audition room (the video has been cut due to the length of time)

Then I told him that he was very happy, and the bass sound was particularly good.
FP20000Q is a professional subwoofer power amplifier. We have strengthened the processing effect of bass, the output sound is very powerful, and the bass effect is sufficient.

In the second video, our client was preparing for his stage performance. We can see four subwoofers on the ground, each subwoofer corresponding to a channel of the amplifier.

Customers are very satisfied with the quality of FP20000Q and also like this new private panel. ‘This looks unique. I rarely see it on the market. I like this feeling. ’
In addition to the above silver-white panel, in 2020, we have launched a new private panel, if you like, you can always contact us. Of course, we also accept private orders for large orders.