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The long-awaited AD-4D has arrived.

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The long-awaited AD-4D has arrived.

Issue Time:2020-04-18
The long-awaited AD-4D has arrived.
The newly researched internal circuit increases the receiving distance to 300m.
The newly created panel is even cooler.

Two LCD screens correspond to two channels for easier viewing. Multiple functions, including SYNC, SCAN, LOCK, SQ, etc.

The status of the frequency comparison is color-coded on the display. 
Orange indicates that the frequency is not connected, and blue indicates that the frequency is already connected.

In this way, it is more convenient to know clearly which channel needs to be set, and which channel has already been set.

The receiver uses 4 true diversity receivers, and there are no longer any blind spots when receiving. 

Equipped with two high-end handheld microphones, smooth lines, more suitable for holding. Built-in high quality cardioid capsule.
Information such as frequency and battery level are displayed on the handheld microphone. Battery box with hidden switch at the rear to avoid accidents caused by accidental opening.

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