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FP20000Q power amplifier feedback from Bulgaria

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FP20000Q power amplifier feedback from Bulgaria

Issue Time:2020-09-05
We are appreciated for the awesome picture from Bulgaria. The customer bought the FP20000Q power amplifier to run his 4 pcs 18 inch subwoofer by 1600 wats.
FP20000Q power amplifier is suitable for 18 inch subwoofer. The output power is 2200watt @ 8ohms, 4000watt @4oms.

If you want to use line array/full-range speakers, such as '3 boxes (2 x 12 inches, 4 x 6 inches and 2 big compression drivers)', then you can choose FP10000Q/DSP-10000Q (1350w @8ohms ,2100w @4ohms) or D4 -2000(2000w @ 8ohms, 4650w @2ohms stable ,1u)
A good news is that we upgraded the power amplifier :add 4pcs 2200uf capacitors(total 8800 uf capacitance). 

This upgrade is free, now is still send the old version (We are waiting for a bulk new customized accessories, only a small amount in stock now) ,but if you can't wait to get the new version ,contact us .
The latest version of FP20000Q/FP22000Q will be more stable and powerful.