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The Most popular large diaphragm Recording microphone U87

The Most popular large diaphragm Recording microphone U87

Issue Time:2020-11-12
U87 is perhaps the most famous and widely used recording microphone in the world. If you want to choose a vocal microphone with gentle sound and high adaptability, then the classic that has been popular in recording studios for decades is a good choice.
The U87 condenser microphone is a large-diaphragm recording microphone with dual-diaphragm pressure gradient sensor
It has the characteristics of omnidirectional, cardioid, figure-eight, single frequency and transient response, which can be selected by a switch under the metal hood;

It allows the microphone to handle distortion-free sound up to a sound pressure level of 127dB. In addition, low-frequency response attenuation can be performed to control the proximity effect. With switchable low-frequency rolling and switchable 10dB attenuation device;

It can eliminate the low-frequency noise generated when speaking at close range, and can support recording under various conditions. Even in the high-frequency range, the frequency response of cardioid and figure 8 directivity is very flat, and the microphone can sound The source is used at close range without harshness;

The user can immediately recognize it by its characteristics. It is the most ideal choice for wireless broadcasting, film and television studios. U87 condenser recording microphone is mainly used for orchestral recording, live recording microphone, and can be widely used in various music and speech.
Pressure gradient sensor with double diaphragm
Three directivity: omnidirectional, cardioid, figure 8
Processing up to 127dB sound pressure without changing the tone
Switchable low frequency roll cutting
Switchable 10dB attenuation device
Can eliminate low-frequency noise generated when speaking at close range
Supports recording under various conditions