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Which amplifiers are unpopular but good perform?

Which amplifiers are unpopular but good perform?

Issue Time:2020-11-20
Recently I received a private message from a customer, and he asked me: Why you never talk about other models, I often see you boast FP10000Q, FP20000Q, but FP6000Q is also very good, why not say it. I have not written it separately, because Most customers will buy it with other popular amplifiers, and they will also be mentioned incidentally when writing about popular amplifiers.
Ok, today I will talk about Sinbosen's unpopular but equally good power amplifiers.

The ouput power of FP6000Q is not as big as FP10000Q , but for low-power speakers, it is more economical and applicable, and the appropriate power can also protect the audio from damage. (Generally speaking, If the power difference between the two parties exceeds the safe range, then one party will be damaged. If you are not sure, you can consult us)

Most client will choose FP6000Q for MF speaker , FP10000Q/FP20000Q for subwoofer.

The Client of First Feedback ( left ) below bought four FP10000Q and two FP6000Q. After using them, he is very satisfied with the performance and quality of the two power amplifiers.

FP9000Q is 2channels power amplifier , which is 1800watt @ 8ohms , 3000watt @ 4ohms. It can work with most kind of speaker .
It is good for outdoor event .