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Sinbosen FP10000Q PK other company

Sinbosen FP10000Q PK other company

Issue Time:2020-11-23
Why has Sinbosen FP10000Q gradually become one of the most popular power amplifiers on the market? What makes Sinbosen FP10000Q stand out among similar products?

Because Sinbosen has always been guided by customer needs, has always adhered to quality, and has always adhered to good service.

Next, let's take a look at the main differences.

First, the power supply system.

Everyone knows that stable, large-capacity capacitor capacity can provide your amplifier with a good operating condition. High-quality capacitors ensure the life of the machine and your life safety.

Sinbosen's FP10000Q uses imported high-quality capacitors, which are reliable in quality and safe. Not only that, the capacitors of many similar power amplifiers on the market are small capacitors, and some are even false capacitors. Not only the output power is not up to expectations, but also very easy Destroyed.

12 pcs * 3300uf capacitors + 4pcs * 2200uf capacitors
Other company
only 10pcs*2200uf capactors +4pcs smaller capacitors
Second, the cooling system.

A good system allows the power to run in a comfortable environment. Sinbosen’s radiator is significantly longer than other companies’ heat sinks, which makes the FP10000Q’s cooling system better. If your local environment is very hot, you can also consider adding The last external cooling fan.

In addition, the protection function of the Sinbosen amplifier is also very good. It has been introduced last time, so I will not repeat it here. If you haven't seen it, you can click to view it.
3 inch heat sink
Other company
only 2 inch heat sink