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The most popular power amplifier FP10000Q .

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The most popular power amplifier FP10000Q .

Issue Time:2020-03-27
The most popular power amplifier FP10000Q . 
You knows that we now have many amplifiers with different powers and different sizes. But if you ask me which amplifier is the most popular, the first one in my head will be FP10000Q. 

According to our 2018 and 2019 annual sales statistics, until the end of 2019, the position of FP10000Q's sales volume has not been shaken. FP10000Q is also the model with the largest repurchase ratio of old customers.

In the previous article, I compared with our three popular subwoofer amplifiers. If you look at the pictures carefully, you will find that no matter which subwoofer amplifier is used, there will usually be FP10000Q in the picture. . In the eyes of many customers, FP10000Q is a good partner for line array or professional speakers, and it is the best choice.
Many clients used FP10000Q for the stage performance. 
‘I am willing to repurchase because the quality is really good. ’This is the feedback we have received many times, and even many customers will recommend us to those around them.
These are some of the feedback I received from the FP10000Q some time ago.
Why do so many people fall in love with FP10000Q? FP10000Q is designed for line array and PA speakers. 1350w X 4CH @ 8ohms, 2100w X 4CH @ 4ohms, In addition, there is a bridge function to get more power. We usually recommend pairing with 12-15 inch speakers.

So why did you choose Sinbosen's FP10000Q? Please see the comparison chart below ↓
By the way, I occasionally receive messages asking why the amplifier is clearly marked as 1350 watts, but I was told that only speakers of 900w and below are allowed to be connected? This is a very good question. Many people who are new to the audio system often get confused. They mistakenly think that the rated power of the speaker is equal to the input power of the amplifier, but it is not.

For ordinary speakers (midrange, full range, two-way, three-way, etc.), the output power of the amplifier is at least 1.5 times the power of the speaker. For example, if the power of your speaker is 1000watt @ 8ohms, then you The power of the required amplifier should be at least 1500watt @ 8ohms. If you connect a 1000w @ 8ohms amplifier, then it is likely that your amplifier will be destroyed.

If it is used in a subwoofer, the output power of the amplifier is at least twice the output power of the speaker. For example, if your subwoofer power is 1000watt @ 8ohms, then the power of the amplifier you need should be at least 2000watt @ 8ohms.