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How to set audio system?

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How to set audio system?

Issue Time:2020-04-14
How to set audio system?
Last week we invited a very experienced tuner to tune the sound system in our sample room. Mr. Tuner was very nice and helped us answer many questions.

Everyone knows that a sound system is composed of a speaker, a mixer, a processor, and an amplifier unit. And their linking method is also very simple, sound source → mixer → processor → power amplifier → speaker. We can see the picture below ↓
After connecting the entire audio system in the order shown above, you can start tuning. If you are also equipped with a power sequencer for your system, then access the channel of the sequencer in the order in which the system is connected.

We used an eight-channel audio processor AS-4.8SP this time. In the setting of the processor, you can first set an approximate range according to the parameters of the speaker, and then adjust it to the best effect according to the needs of the scene. For example, the setting of CROSSOVE, the frequency range of KA210 is 55Hz -20KHz, then we can set HPF to 55Hz, and LPF to OFF. Then make some fine-tuning according to the effect of the scene.

1. Using GROUP1 and group2 on the audio mixer, we can program the subwoofer into group1 to distinguish the subwoofer from other speakers, so that it will be more convenient to set up later.
2. Many people will complain that there are too many cables used in the system, and often cannot find the cable they want. You can use colored tape / writeable tape to group and mark the cables. In the same way, if there are many devices, you can also put a small note on the device so that you can find it in the first place.
What audio equipments are used in the video?