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Sinbosen audio New year holiday

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Sinbosen audio New year holiday

Issue Time:2020-01-04
Happy 🐭 New year!

2020 is a year of rat in China. In ancient China, as the head of the zodiac, the Rat played the role of avoiding evil, horoscopes and guiding the soul to heaven.

The Chinese Spring Festival approaching, Sinbosen wish you a year a happy and peace life, may every wish of your life universal achieved

Happy New Year healthy body, all the best!

Our holiday is from 2020/01/17 to 2020/02/05. During the holidays, production stops. So when the holidays are approaching, production and shipping will be busy. 
It is recommended to order in advance.

Only 12 days in factory production before the holiday
Exhibition plan
Prolight Sound Guangzhou Exhibition 
Booth Number: 2.2A25 
Time:19 – 21 February 2020 
Address:Canton Fair A area, Pazhou, Guangzhou City, China 
Admission Price: FREE for Trade buyers only.
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